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Digital Smart Systems (DSS) Corporation is an international company engaged in the search, development and promotion of trending IT products and their launch into the market through smart marketing. Our company allows partners to become confident in the future, and thus improve the quality of life.

Who are the Management Team of DIGITAL SMART SYSTEM (DSS)?

DSS management team leads the day-to-day work of DSS. It consists of:


Where is DSS HQ located ?

DSS HQ is located at Vozdvizhenka St., 7/6 строение 2, Moskva, Russia, 119019

What is the Vision of the Company?

To maintain leadership in early stage self-financing of our optional directions of market entry endeavors by maintaining a successful track record in building entrepreneurs and companies from the ground up, through our ability to identify and cultivate early stage investment opportunities.

What kind of products does DSS offer?

The company develops and markets high-tech digital products that improve the lives of people around the world.

Cryptorobot No1 “ALTKOINER”:
Performs operations on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in automatic mode.Trades on a pair of Bitcoin-Altcoins or Altcoins-Dollar.
The minimum amount of entry into the transaction is 0,005 BTC, $10.

Cryptorobot No2 “BITKINER”:
Performs operations on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in automatic mode.Trades on a pair of Bitcoin-Dollar.The minimum amount per transaction is $10.

Cryptobot No3 “TRENDOVIK”:
Performs operations on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in automatic mode. This robot uses an indicator called moving average. The principle of operation is that, using this indicator, the robot opens trades at the moment of growth, that is, on an uptrend. Thus, the risk of opening a position on a downward price movement is minimized. Also the robot has an algorithm that allows for a sharp movement of the price successfully fixing the exit by take profit or stop loss. Trades on a pair of Bitcoin-Altcoins or Altcoins-Dollar.
The minimum amount of entry into the transaction 0,005 BTC, $10.

Forexbot – It sends a signal to the trader, finding the most successful entry point, or trades independently.

It will trade in currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP,USD/CHF, USD/JPY, GBP/CHF, GBP/CAD, EUR/CHF, USD/CA

Cryptobracelet is a wrist fitness watch with a built-in cold cryptocurrency wallet function.Here are some of the features that it includes:

— clock and built-in alarm clock;
— receiving messages;
— remote camera control and built-in mobile phone search;
— cryptocurrency wallet, secure storage Bitcoin, Dash;
— fitness tracker..     

What does " virtue of smart marketing" mean?

DSS Smart Marketing is a method to promote DSS High-Tech products with a unique compensation marketing plan has been developed, this plan combines the best of the Global Affiliate Programs. Our partners are given the opportunity to receive up to 9 types of income from sales. The basis of our concept is the binary marketing and an extended multi-level linear program of incentives and also the career growth within the company

What are the DSS's corporate social responsibility activities?

We empower social change agents with technology and expertise. Our goal: Accelerate global problem solving to benefit people, society, and the planet.

What is DSS's view on corporate governance?

Our approach to Corporate Governance is built upon a set of strong principles and values set by the Board of Directors for our management and employees.

Who can participate in your program?

The age requirement for DSS membership is 18 years and above. We also request our new Signup Partners to submit “KYC” — know your client. This means that the Partner need to pass a level 1 verification, for System Approval & further withdrawal of funds from the platform.


  • The top leaders of multi-level industry from all over the world took part in the foundation of the DSS company.
  • The company is an official owner or co-owner of all promoted products.
  • More than 65% of revenue is paid to independent referrals.
  • DSS provides free smart marketing education.
  • The company entered rapidly developing world markets

What is DSS LAB Referring to ?

DSS Lab are marketers looking for innovative IT products, their own developers, as well as analysts studying market trends and product prospects.

The innovative trending IT products found by DSS allow people to be in demand, work for themselves, and start living a full and fulfilling life. However, the fourth industrial revolution gave us not only access to the knowledge of the whole world, but also uncertainty, instability and ambiguity. That is why our laboratory was created.


How can I register with https://dss.group/ ?

When registering a new user, you must specify the partner link. The partner link is in your personal account in the upper left corner under the Login and ID, click on it and it will automatically fall into the clipboard.

Can I use only the company's product and not participate in the partner program? Will it be profitable for me?

Yes, you can use a cryptorobot or a cryptobracelet without participating in the partnership program. Of course, you will benefit from your bot trading transactions and from the cryptobracelet.

How can I position a new recruitment under my placement structure?

It is possible to set the user into the binary structure manually, depending on the profit of the legs of the partner who invited you. To do this, you need to go to the “Status and Team” tab and then to the “Binary Scheme”. You need to choose a place for a new user during the day. After 24 hours, your new invitee will automatically fall into a weak leg.

Can I signup a new member as free (pre-registration)?

Yes, you can sign up as free member & get access to Demo bot. However, you will not be placed on binary structure until you become an active partner (Purchased a DSS package)

5. How do I activate my new member who already signs up as free member? And the method to activate?

They can replenish their account with Bitcoin & purchase any of the available package

How can I activate Cryptobot for my personal trading platform ?

The instructions are provided in DSS Back-office –  “Terminal” -> “Instructions”

My account was stolen. What do I need to do now?

Please provide your data to [email protected] :

  1. First name and last name;
  2. Login, mail and ID registered in the system;
  3. Passcode
  4. Your curator’s data.

How can I change my personal information?

You can change them in “Profile Settings”

Can I change my registration e-mail?

You can contact Chat Support to request for change of email address

What if I forgot my password?

On the login page, click “Forgot Password” & enter your login ID

Can I freely place my referrals?

You can only place members on your outer left or outer right legs

How do I confirm my Registration?

Your registration will be confirmed when you click the link in your email you received after registration

What is the notification Method for every update in the back-office system?

You can get all the latest updates when you subscribe to Telegram channel below:-

Russian – https://t.me/dssgroupchannel

English – https://t.me/dssworldchannel

What are the payment methods you will introduce in future to facilitate global sponsoring?

We are currently using Bitcoin & AdvCash which are used globally. We will notify all when adding new payment methods

How do I retrieve the history of my transactions?

You can view them at “Top up / Withdraw” -> “Transaction history”

What can I do to keep my account secure?

You can activate 2FA authentication in Profile Settings

How long will it take to add members as my referrals?

A new registration takes less than 5 minutes

What are the benefits of Upgrading?

Upgrade means increasing the level of the package, by additional payment. From the moment of the upgrade, the partner begins to receive rewards corresponding to the new status.


What is the difference between Lite / Start / Optima / VIP Affiliate package incentives?

Four different packages & their incentives:

Lite – $300

  • 1 business location
  • Cryptobracelet
  • Ability to build the structure of partners
  • 5 types of income according to the remuneration plan:
  1. Award “Start”
  2. Group premium of 10%.
  3. Leadership, sponsorship bonus
  4. Representation allowance bonus
  5. Gifts for statuses


Start – $ 500

  • 1 business center
  • Ability to use a robot from 90 days
  • Ability to build the structure of partners
  • 5 types of income according to the remuneration plan:
  1. Award “Start”
  2. Group premium of 10%.
  3. Leadership, sponsorship prize
  4. Representation allowance bonus
  5. Gifts for statuses


Optima – $ 1000

  • 1 business center
  • Ability to use the robot for 365 days
  • Ability to build the structure of partners
  • 6 types of income according to the remuneration plan:
  1. Award “Start”
  2. Award “Optimal”
  3. Group premium 10%.
  4. Leadership, sponsorship prize
  5. Representation allowance bonus
  6. Gifts for statuses

VIP – $ 2000

All robots are available.

  • 1 business center
  • Ability to use the bot for 365 days
  • Ability to build the structure of partners
  • 7 types of income according to the remuneration plan:
  1. Award “Start”
  2. Award “Optimal”
  3. VIP Award
  4. Group premium 15%.
  5. Leadership, sponsorship prize
  6. Representation allowance bonus
  7. Gifts for statuses

What are the charges imposed for Fund Transfer?

There are no charges for Fund Transfer

Do I need to perform monthly / annual maintenance in back-office system to maintain my account active all the time?

There is no monthly maintenance. However, you need to renew your package yearly/annually.

What is the Business Volume value for every package incentive getting paid in the system?

1 PV = 1 USD

What are the Wallet types available and its functionalities?

Only 1 wallet is available, PV wallet


How to withdraw commission rebates?

The withdrawal of funds in the company will be made in Bitcoins. You can withdraw at any time convenient for you. To do this, go to the tab “Top up / Withdraw”.

When can I withdraw commission rebates from available balances?

At the moment, bonuses can be withdrawn 2 days after the accrual. After 2 days, you can send a request for withdrawal. Technically output is processed every 30 minutes (i.e. one application every half hour).

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the rebates be available in my currency account? And what are the minimum withdrawals?

Within one day after ordering payment. Minimum withdrawal is 50 PV

I have problems with the withdrawal procedure? What should I do?

You can contact chat support for assistance or send email to [email protected]

I wasn't paid. What may be the problem?

Your bitcoin wallet address could be wrong, you can delete & re-add your bitcoin wallet address, then resubmit withdrawal again.


What can we expect from the Ai Crypto Bot Trading on average per month?

The operation of each connected robot is very individual, it may depend on the launch time, the state of the market at the moment, activity in the selected pair, etc. The technical department of the company is constantly working to improve the software algorithm of trading robots.

Do I need to create a trading/exchange account for the bot?

Our company operates on the following exchange markets: BITTREX, BINANCE,BITFINEX, KRAKEN, OKEX, BitMEX. You can create an account on any of those exchanges.

Do I need to deposit my crypto into company’s account for the trade?

No, you just need to deposit your crypto into your own exchange account.

Can I stop the bot operation or trading at any time & withdraw all my funds from crypto exchange?

Yes, you can. You have full control of your funds in your crypto exchange account.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that can be used for trading in exchange?

Minimum: 0.005 BTC



$500 — 1.5 BTC;

$1000 — 4 BTC;

$2000 — 20 BTC.



$500 — $3000;

$1,000 — $8,000;

$2000 — $20,000.

Current limits. This means the maximum amount of open orders.

Are there any other fees that I need to pay to use DSS bot?

No additional fee imposed for DSS bot

Are my crypto assets for trading secure?

Your crypto assets are secured by the exchange which you created your account for trading

How can I get started to set DSS bot for trading?

To make it work effectively you need to perform the recommended settings:

  1. The recommended minimum volume for creating orders in bitcoins is from 0.005 BTCto 0.01 BTC.


  1. Recommended size:

— Stop Loss — 3%;

— Take Profit — do not set it (in the current version of the personal account it is 1%).


And also some more important tips:

  1. The minimum number of cryptocurrency pairs for Altcoiner is at least 30.(You can soon add as many pairs as you wish to trade).


  1. For Bitcoiner, use USDT.


  1. Recommended exchanges at the start are: Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex.


  1. Use the exchange only for cryptorobot. In case you trade by yourself, do not usethe same platform with the robot.


  1. To view statistics on trading, you can refer to the data on the exchange or DSS back office.

What other products do DSS have besides AI Bots?

In addition to robots, we have Cryptobracelet fitness watch with built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Also, there are development of several more products of the company, which are currently not publicized, is expected. Subscribe to us in social networks. And follow the news.

Does DSS have Traders to manage Investors Fund on behalf? If yes what’s the ratio on profit sharing between DSS and Investors?

No, trading is fully done by DSS AI Cryptobot