About Us

ASIA is a region in the throes of a digital transformation.

In Asia, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are penetrating everything from automotive, garment and electronics manufacturing to business processes, logistics and healthcare. The benefits, in terms of efficiency, productivity, speed and agility, are undoubted.

DSS ASIA has secured such a platform enabling a simple, streamlined experience for our e-partners asserting smart decisions related to this major factor of our business experience together.

We are a transparent partner of choice for companies realising the importance of being able to provide benefits to e-partners through our digital products and services.

The company, Digital Smarts Systems Corporation (DSS GROUP) have established its own DSS lab — a hub for innovation-seeking marketers, developers and analysts keeping an eye on market trends and product prospects.

Cryptorobot is DSS’ first IT digital product. Three more products are to be released in 2019, such as Forexbot,AI featured Health Products (smart band) and e-Learning platform.

To date, DSS is officially introduced to European and CIS countries, now to ASIA Countries.

Our Smart Marketing system established has been scrutinized and operates internationally for our global e-Partners. We have ensured that it is easy to use, attractively designed, secure and performs flawlessly.

Our chosen blockchain payment solution takes the complexities out of managing the administration of services rendered allowing e-Partners to focus on their growing network.

Also, it offers processing and unlimited transactions in predesigned and custom formats to enable e-Partners the freedom and flexibility to design their promotions with us.

Our Cryptocurrency solution also offers detailed reconciliation reporting and easy online access ensuring e-Partners maintain complete control over business activities and transactions.

The evolving capabilities of the DSS ASIA services program has given rise to many e-Partner’s distinct lines of businesses, that is climbing to a profitable coalition since more than 65% of company’s revenue paid back to our e-Partners.

The solutions / platform we provide is focused on meeting the unique needs of our e-Partners that count on predictable, recurring revenue. Our company’s leadership team backs an ever-climbing e-Partners list across ASIA securely and efficiently.

We are a collaborative team, forging smart partnerships with our e-Partners, inspiring us to innovation and excellence, committed to their needs with strong, singular focus, building relationships, earning trust, while driving success.

DSS ASIA is in a continuous mode of positive upgrading based on the ever-changing status of industry trends, corroborating with opportunities to strengthen our already competitive product suite enhancing our e-partners opportunities.