​​Robot guardian in a residential complex

The development of robots and the optimization of labor have become an integral part of the development of the modern world. Robots traders, parking robots, waiters robots have already appeared, and more recently robots guards have appeared.

A Meibao security guard patrolling the neighborhood at night appeared in a residential complex in Beijing. This is the first of its kind robot that combines the functions of face recognition, infrared imagers and an interface for communicating with people.

Meibao’s height is 1.7 meters, it is equipped with cameras located on the “head” in the form of eyes, and a large screen on the chest. Using the built-in bio-identification technology, Big Data analysis, inertial navigation system and other applications, the robot can detect the appearance of suspicious persons in the area protected by it and promptly send an alarm signal to the police.

In addition to security, it can also entertain locals: provide a weather forecast, tell interesting stories, and even play music.

How do you like such a guard of residential complexes?

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